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Hello everybody, introducing The Bias Cut

Introducing The Bias – Cut.

A bias:a concept that has always fascinated me. Bias concept belongs to different fields, but the meaning I do prefer is the one referring to bias statement which is one that unfairly and incorrectly places all people, things, etc. into the same common category. That it is to say the shared prejudice that talking about fashion means talking about nothing concrete.

Not a science, not an art.

The most common bias is that a fashion blogger is superficial and egomaniac.

Not a writer, not an aesthete.

Cut means something hurtful, or the idea of cutting with bias, cutting with someone or something, as I also think about me staying in the cut, and then coming to the light in order to create my blog.

Finally I thought about the bias cut, which is the typical Madeleine Vionnet cut, the queen of bias cut, the “architect of fashion, the inventor of a cross cut symbol of elegance and sophistication.

So let’s cutting with bias, and go for bias cuts, The Bias – Cut is now online and it won’t be about bias. Not at all.