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“I am looking forward enormously to getting back to the sea again, where the overstimulated psyche can recover in the presence of that infinite peace and spaciousness.” 

Carl Gustav Jung

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Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.

FW2013 Pastel Power by Naomi Gun.

Pastel Power: This surprisingly elegant trend will add a well-needed dose of fun to dreary winter days. Well, not exactly, but for the cooler months to come, basic black is being replaced with hues reminiscent of your childhood. It was recently reported that for autumn, several designers are debuting collections featuring creamy, delicate hues of powder blue, baby pink and lavender. Starting from your lips color to your rings or earrings and even your home decorations. Like cotton candy dreams, we highlight predicted hues for FW2013,confirming the sugary sweet palette of the season. Naomi Gun is a jewels design based in HK. Discover its superb craftsmanship and great attention to detail @




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