I want to start from the end. Just call it quits with the fact of not-having-your-own-space-on-the-internet.
Today you are no one if you are not leaving your trace on the net, you absolutely don’t exist.
I want to leave my fingerprints on my reality, doing something and, why not, trying to give some tips, personal tips of course.
The importance is to keep in training your mind, everyday, with everything in your possibilities.
Words, speech, images, photographs, videos, sounds, literally everything. To never lose lucidity and the real contact with reality and imagination.
Those are my wishes.
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“Keeping the image of the perfect edge in your mind will allow you to understand how every stroke of the file or stone effects the edge in front of you. And with practice you will be able to see the sharpness of your own edge in your mind, and with every stroke of the file and stone bring it one step closer to perfection.”
Best Made Company, 368 Broadway, Suite 513, New York NY 10013



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